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Hi! My name is Katelyn.

I live in Atlanta, Georgia on the Eastside (holla at my neighbors!) with my handsome husband Ryan. We’ve been married for two years now and love just kicking it together. You can find us at our favorite coffee shop Chrome Yellow, walking the beltline (me rollerblading), grabbing drinks with friends, and probably planning a trip to the West Coast. I hold a great value for finding beauty in the mundane or the simple. Photography has been my thing for quite a while now. Has it really been 7 years? You guys, it’s crazy. I find so much fulfillment when I take a simple object or two people madly in love and create a still frame that captures unexpected beauty in a simple manner. I want to capture people’s truest self. I want to create the space for them to be fully themselves, and not what they see on Pinterest or what society says is “cool” or the “in” thing. How beautiful is that! A photo that captures your truest personality, your truest love, your truest joy, your truest grief. That’s what I set out for. Not just as a photographer, but as a human trying to live this thing called life. I crave the raw and honest moments. Not the staged ones.

From the very start of my business it’s been about connection. My goal is to understand the quirks and worth of a client or a brand in order to capture the core identity. It’s much more than taking a photo. To me it’s creating an environment where people can feel connected to who they are, honest about who they are, and find pride in their own unique beauty.

I strive to create an authentic atmosphere that isn’t about the photos. Pretty ironic as a photographer, hey? Photos are idolized and romanticized, but I will set boundaries and strive with all that I am to create a relationship with my clients that flows into our shoots, so that when you look back on your day you encounter all the real emotion, real tears, real messes, real laughs, and real celebration all over again.

Let’s create something that celebrates your goofiness, your love, your product, your charisma, your stillness, your moment. No B.S. here.


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|   BEAUTY   |

I believe that genuine beauty emerges from beneath the surface. And it’s my goal to find, unearth, capture, and celebrate the honest beauty that exists within each individual, couple, or brand to help them take pride in the beauty that is uniquely there’s. 




I believe the best photographs are captured when an individual feels comfortable in their own skin. It's important to me to create comfortable environments that allow your truest personality to surface and be captured on camera. 


|   WORTH   |

Bottom line, my goal as a photographer is that you would look at your images and feel an immense sense of worth. I'm driven by excellence and strive to not settle creatively. I want my work to put you more in touch with who you are, instead of perpetuating the need to copycat what's cool, so that you're left with an understanding of your unique value to the world. 



R E A D Y   T O   G E T   S T A R T E D ?

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