Shoshie + Kyle


Shosh and Kyle, two of the very best. They are filled with so much kindness, generosity, and laughter. From the very first inquiry from Shoshie, I knew we'd be the best team. Their day was a complete dream and filled with intentionality and intimacy. Ryan and I truly felt a part of their family for the weekend and I cried multiple times throughout the day. Overwhelmed by the fact that this is my job, and that people choose to invite me into one of the most intimate days of their life, I could not be more grateful. These two were surrounded by some of the most loving friends and it was clear they have an army fighting for them. Here's to you S + K, cheers to your beautiful day!


The first look - one of the sweetest parts of the whole day. I mean just look at them...

There's no doubt in my mind S + K will continue to fall more and more in love. Cheers to the Myers! Stinkin love you guys!! 



Venue: Springfield Manor

HMUA: JKW Beauty

Florals: Wild Pollen Design

Dress: Ashley Grace Bridal

Invitations: Esther Baseme

Calligraphy: Megan Ganovski