Wade + Lindsey


Okay, so this one was super special for me to be a part of. Wade and Lindsey are two of my dearest friends, so when Wade told me he was gonna propose to Lindsey on our friendcation and asked me to document it, I flipped!


We planned for me to play “photographer Katie” and stuff to keep the whole plan a surprise for Linds. We were all driving from LA to Palm Springs and decided to make a detour to see the infamous windmills. As we unloaded out of the car I started taking photos of each person ever so casually. Cause I’m a photographer, that’s what I do right? Portraits all around! I started taking some photos of Wade and Lindsey, but little did she know…

How he proposed


This was the moment they realized it…


Wade and Lindsey I love you two loads. I’m so excited to continue to see your lives together unfold. Rooting for you both all the way!