Anna Tate + Kevin


This was a really special one for me. Anna Tate has been one of my girls for a real long time… 10 years kind of time. Her friendship is gold and to walk through life with her all this time has been one of the most significant connections to me. Watching her and Kevin fall in love has been the sweetest. When Kev first called me about this day, I cried. I couldn’t believe this day had come for my girl, and also couldn’t believe I got to document it. So stinkin special. The whole thing.


Definitely one heck of a surprise.

Pure joy, disbelief, celebration, and lots of tears

She just kept saying, “You’re the best human I’ve ever met!”


Kev and Tate, Ryan and I deeply love you two. We could not be more for you and behind you. Now let’s get you two married!

Cheers to the future Reifs