Kayley + Matt


I actually don’t know where to even begin with these two…

From Kayley’s first inquiry, to my phone call with the both of them, I just knew this was going to be a really good match. Talk about being on the same wave length! Plus their love inspires me so much. These two are somethin’ special, and getting to know them recently has been truly amazing and oh so fun. I actually can’t believe I get to work with such phenomenal people. Kayley is also a photographer and you should 100% stop right now and go look at her beautiful work. It’s definitely a love of mine when I get to document and take care of people who are also in this industry. It’s your season Kayley and Matt!

I really could go on and on… I just love them both so much already. Hey Kayls and Matt, when are we gonna grab those drinks?


May 19th can’t get here soon enough! Can’t wait to celebrate you two.