Clay + Sar


Where do I start? Sarah and Clayton are two very special people to Ryan and I, some of our best friends. Long long story short -

I met Sarah in Ireland April of 2012

She came to visit me in the states for a week during the summer

I saw her again in Ireland April of 2013 for a week

and then again April of 2014 for 2 weeks. 

Up until this past fall we had been friends for 5 years but had only spent a little over a month together in person. Yet, Sarah has become one of my dearest and best friends. 

We both were in each other's wedding, and last spring when I told her Ryan and I were moving to Atlanta she responded saying HER AND CLAY WERE THINKING OF MOVING TO ATL TOO - SAY WHAT

Now we all live in Atlanta and get to do life together.


Now Sar and Clay's story, that's a good one. It's definitely one of my all time favs. Clay is from Colorado and met Sarah while living in Ireland for a bit. It only took 2 weeks of knowing each other for Clay to tell Sarah he liked her, and then 10 days later he told her he loved her. What! They dated for 4 years all while being long distance for months at a time. They also went 9 months without seeing each other after their engagement! These two are champs. Their love has endured a lot and one thing is for sure the day Sarah moved to Colorado was one heck of a celebration for these two. Now they've been married for a little over a year and half!


Bonus for all you readers who made it to the end - Clayton is an incredible musician! Be sure to check out his soundcloud and look him up on spotify!